I am a transplanted Angelino, born on the Lower East Side of New York City,
a vibrant and colorful neighborhood teeming with many immigrants and cultures. That was my canvas. Fantasy was my norm. Family life was strifeful, so I survived by living in my imagination and drawing day and night.

I endeavor to express my feelings throughout all of my art work; ecstasy, joy, love of life, and the raw, primal emotions we all grapple with — loss, aging, loneliness, and a search for identity. 

My media ranges from sketching and drawing to painting, sculpture and collage. Prior training and works were in oil, but now my medium of choice is watercolor and Alabaster stone. My early influences included the German Expressionists, such as Otto Dix, Oscar Kokoshka, and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. I feel a deep personal connection to the way their artwork depicted the political and social messages of the day. Contemporary favorites are  Alice Neel, who, through her use of line and color, created portraits of great emotional and psychological intensity, as well as Robin Adsit and her intimate, poetic observations of the delicate language our bodies speak.